Chelmsford’s heritage began with the arrival of the Romans in 60 AD. Chelmsford was then named Caesaromagus or ‘market-place of Caesar’, giving it the great honour of bearing the name of Caesar – the only town in Britain to do so.

Throughout its history, Chelmsford has played host to a number of famous figures including Charles Dickens, the Duke of Wellington and Oliver Goldsmith. Chelmsford was also home to worldwide pioneer Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of wireless. In 1899 Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company opened the world’s first radio factory in Hall Street and the first entertainment radio broadcast was made from Chelmsford on 15th June 1920.

Today Chelmsford is a first-class city and a popular visitor destination. With excellent shopping facilities, international restaurants, fantastic attractions, and a lively nightlife, the appeal of Chelmsford is obvious.

Explore the history of Chelmsford at our interactive Museum or Sandford Mill, which has plenty of activities for children and adults. Our beautiful parks and museums throughout the city are a great way to unwind and spend time enjoying the surrounding Chelmsford Countryside.

Check out the famous legends that used to live here by looking at the blue plaques that are around the city here.